Delta Cleaning and Hygiene’s standard cleaning services include daily cleaning and supervision of the client’s premises. These services are tailor-made, project-specific cleaning solutions and include:


Floor cleaning

Sweeping, vacuuming, tile and spot cleaning

Wall cleaning

Blind cleaning, wall spot cleaning

Window cleaning

Internal and external window cleaning below 2 m, spot window cleaning

Refuse removal

Refuse removal from office, kitchen and building bins

Furniture cleaning

Desk, chair and furniture cleaning and polishing, electrical equipment cleaning and surface cleaning

Ablution cleaning

Periodic ablution cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Surface cleaning, dishes and refuse removal

Surface cleaning

High-touch point cleaning, railings, staircases and doors

Exterior cleaning

Basement and outside area cleaning

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene recruits or absorbs staff following interviews, vetting and training. Staff are supplied with all the necessary equipment, consumables and PPE to render the daily cleaning services.

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene also has a full SHEQ operating procedure and policies, as well as a comprehensive contingency plan for various scenarios.

Services include Delta Cleaning and Hygiene’s modern monitoring and reporting system. Each site is monitored on a daily basis using smart technology and managerial site inspections are conducted at least once a week.