Who we are

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene is a full-service commercial cleaning company that strives to provide a continuous and consistently superior cleaning service resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to enhance the appearance and ambiance of our clients’ workplaces.

Our cleaning services are provided on a contractual or once-off basis and we offer cleaning services for buildings, schools, government facilities, shopping centres and institutions.

We will:

Conduct weekly site inspections and attend meetings as and when requested
Provide staff with uniforms, PPE and specialised tools and equipment
Tailor a cleaning plan according to your needs and create a cleaning schedule accordingly
Maintain cleaning consumables and PPE
Place trained, experienced staff on site

Level 1 B-BBEE

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor and is committed to developing the skills of people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds through employment opportunities, development programmes and by assisting in community improvement projects.

How we work

Our approach

The service is executed in accordance with a detailed schedule that is encapsulated in a service level agreement that stipulates the frequency and scope of services in great detail.

An intensive inspection and auditing approach is also followed and project managers, supervisor and cleaners need to complete checklists indicating that tasks and/or inspections have been completed.

In keeping with this approach, areas are allocated to specific cleaners that are then held responsible for the cleanliness and neatness thereof.

Our cleaning process

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene cleaning process consist a cycle of continuous implementation and improvement during the course of the service.


Analysing your needs

The first step is to understand the scope of work that is required to achieve the desired results. This is done though site inspections, through which the following information is gathered:
  • Site building size, height, location and staff required
  • Type of industry (office building, retail centre or industrial park, etc.)
  • Type of floors, walls and movable assets (furniture and infrastructure).
Delta Cleaning and Hygiene uses this information to better understand the type of services to render and to ensure the best results.

Creating a plan

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene develops a tailor-made programme for the site using the information obtained from the site inspection. The programme includes schedules and checklists for all cleaning activities. The checklists are inspected by project managers to ensure that all required services are done to the quality and frequency of the scope of work.

Implementing the plan

Once the scope and programme have been defined, Delta Cleaning and Hygiene:
  • Sources the required staff following interviewing and vetting processes
  • Provides cleaning staff with NQF Level 1 training
  • Supplies staff with the required PPE, equipment and consumables.
Thereafter, the services are implemented on site.

Monitoring and revaluation

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene Operations Officers monitor the site on a daily basis by reviewing the checklists that are submitted. They also do site inspections on a weekly basis, which involve:
  • Site audits
  • On-site training
  • Deliveries
  • Risk management and mitigation.
From this, feedback is provided to the project managers. Should the client's need or scope of work change as a result, Delta Cleaning and Hygiene will alter or refine the programme to accommodate the change. Delta Cleaning and Hygiene repeats this process to ensure continuous improvement and that the client's needs are met as they grow and develop.


Delta Cleaning and Hygiene is committed to continuous employee training and is reaching this through a detailed induction training as well as training staff on relevant unit standards and assisting them in obtaining their NQF Level 1 in basic principles of cleaning.


For Integrated facilities management solutions, we work hand-in-hand with our sister company, Delta Facilities Management (DFM). DFM is ISO 9001 compliant, therefore, occupational health and safety levels are consistently met and adhered to at our cleaning sites. We are also accredited at various industry bodies to ensure safe operation and quality.