High rise window cleaning

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene has a long and strong partnership with High Access. High Access is a Level 1 BEE contributor and has been in the industry since 2003. High Access assists Delta Cleaning and Hygiene with all high-rise cleaning.

High Access is a specialist, high-level cleaning company that provides a range of services to customers where safety and access are challenged. High-level cleaning refers to any form of cleaning that takes place above 3 meters as the OSH Act Regulations come into effect when working at such heights.

The cleaning services we provide include:

Window cleaning

Pressure washing of buildings (exterior facades)

Painting and light maintenance

Warehouses, showrooms and shopping malls

  • Roof trusses, steel structures and lighting covers
  • Aircon ducting, air vents, bulkheads and piping
  • Skylights and domes
  • Lifts, lift shafts and lift pits
  • Racking.

All projects and jobs undertaken are supervised and managed daily. Inspections and audits are undertaken unannounced by one of our operations managers to ensure quality of work.

Prices starting from R1.90/m2