Pest control services

Delta Cleaning and Hygiene has a long and strong partnership with Pest Control Armor. Pest Control Armor handles all pest control services on Delta Cleaning and Hygiene sites and provides ad hoc services. Pest Control Armor is  registered with SAPCA. The company has 15 years’ experience; they are experts in the field.

We strive to use the least toxic treatment available that is still effective against targeted pests. Using the latest integrated pest control techniques, we are able to eradicate all infestations while reducing the risks to ourselves, our clients and the environment. These services include the use of gels, baits, residual sprays, glue boards, ultraviolet attractants and even physical barriers.

All supervision on-site – no unsupervised staff

We provide a swift, local pest control service as we understand how distressing pests can be

We are registered with the South African Pest Control Association and only use pesticides registered under Act 36 of 1947

We use the safest techniques and pesticides available, taking into consideration your safety and causing as little damage to the environment as possible

Pest control specialists are registered with the Department of Agriculture

They are trained in the latest international pest management techniques by the most qualified training facility in South Africa.

With the most comprehensive pest control programmes available today, our experienced and professional teams can take care of your pest problem quickly and thoroughly.

Our programmes include:

Initial Service

Follow-Up Service

Quarterly Service

Power Spray Programme

Termite Treatments

Rodent Treatments

Whether you have fleas, mice, beetles or ants, our highly trained and experienced professionals have the solution you are looking for.

Prices starting from R2.80/m2